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the ice cream you and your dog

have been begging for


Produced locally in Bay Village!

All human grade ingredients.

Aspen's Canine Creamery

produces small batch ice cream that is optimized for the canine digestive system.

With a 3 ingredient base, you can feel comfortable feeding delicious ice cream to your best friend!

You can even taste the deliciousness yourself!




This handmade ice cream will allow you to provide treats to your dog that show you care about their long term health, their digestive tolerance, and especially their taste buds. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to show your dog that you love them unconditionally, as they do for you. I would like to provide you with that opportunity. This ice cream is both safe and delicious for your dog. My goal is to also provide a dialogue and transparency with the products that you will be able to trust and rely on.

Other attempted dog "ice creams" will list water as the first ingredient. Most have no dairy in them at all. This means that if you look at the box, they're not allowed to call themselves ice cream, simply flavored ice. The largest producer of this flavored ice is made of a list of 18 ingredients. Once you decide how to pronounce them all, you will likely realize that instead of looking them all up and doing research on their safety, you would prefer an ice cream that simplifies the process. A single glance at Aspen's Canine Creamery products demonstrate just how simple it is to trust that you are providing your dog with the best.

The ice cream base is produced with only 3 ingredients. Ingredients that you know. Lactose-free whole milk provides an ice cream base, an actual ice cream base that is not water. Dairy itself is safe and tolerable for dogs, it is the lactose that causes GI upset. This lactose has been removed from the milk, providing a tolerable and creamy product that does not lead to the typical repercussions of dairy intake. Guar Gum and Coconut Oil are natural ingredients that contribute to the smoothness and stability of the ice cream.

This lactose-free, gluten-free, grain-free, no added sugar ice cream makes sure that your dog's sensitive digestive system remains unbothered. This product will give you the peace of mind that your dog will be feeling good, remain healthy, and keep all bodily fluids off of your carpet.

Peanut Butter Banana
Dog Ice Cream


(2 Pack)

Peanut Butter Banana
Dog Ice Cream
(20 Treats)
Peanut Butter Banana
Frozen Dog Treats

The Park Pint is filled with a delicious supply of your trusted, dog safe ice cream. This can sit right next to your own human ice cream, and is ready for your pup to enjoy his own scoops of safe ice cream! It is time you indulge together (and the doggo agrees)!

Serve frozen or thawed!

Kennel Cups provide a ready to go option of the same delicious treat. This is not only a convenient treat to grab out of the freezer, but also great to throw in your beach or camping cooler. The smaller quantity in each cup allows for a quick treat when your best friend needs just a little extra love!

Beach Bites contain the same great ice cream. The ingredient ratio and production process are altered so that this ice cream provides more stability and texture. This ice cream utilizes water to allow the crunch of a more traditional treat. The Beach Bites are a quick snack that will be sure to get all tails-a-waggin!  

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